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The specialties of Nha Trang - Rice vermicelli with grilled fish & jellyfish

Your trip to Nha Trang wouldn’t be complete if you don’t try this kind of noodle soup. Not many people are fan of jellyfish but this is one of specialities in Nha Trang and fresh tuna or marine is also served with the jellyfish. Although bun cha ca sua is processed simply, it has brought the natural flavor from the sea to the customers..


The culture of Nha Trang persons

The ability of salt to preserve food is one of the foundations of civilization. The word “salary” is derived from the Roman word for salt, as soldiers were often paid for their services in bags of this precious mineral. It was even traded for slaves in ancient times, creating the expression, “worth his salt”, an archaic equivalent to the more modern “worth one’s weight in gold”..