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10 reasons to travel to Nha Trang city on this spring

Nha Trang is the trendy beach stay of the Southeast coast of Vietnam. But let’s discover 10 of the many other reasons making its visitors so delighted.

Nha Trang, the heaven of sea and island tourism, has been the top attraction for both domestic and international travelers for many years, and is also popular with day visitors because of its delightful beach, considered the most beautiful in Vietnam, with deep blue sea and seemingly endless white sand. So why Nha Trang is the most of destination choice? Calm Seas share 10 reasons to travel to Nha Trang in this spring:

1. It is one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world.

2. Nha Trang’s climate is particularly pleasant all-year round: sunny, with an average temperature of 23 degrees C. Rainfall is less than anywhere else in the country and storms are rare.



du lịch biển

Long stretches of pristine sand and clear waters offer sun-kissed relaxation in this bustling coastal town (Photo Collector)


3. It is easy to accessby road, railway, air and cruise ship, with daily flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. It is also a gateway to the Central Highland towns of Dalat, Dak Lak and Kon Tum.

4. It is home of culinary experiences: delightful local cuisine such as bird nest soup and delicious seafood, such as lobsters.

ẩm thực

Diverse cuisine (Photo Collector) 


5. It offers gorgeous and magical sunsets.

6. It offers various day trips and excursions.

7. It is the place of wonderful scenery: deserted islands, endless white-sand beaches, deep blue sea, indigenous culture, outstanding landscapes and historical relics.

nhà thờ đá

 The Stone Church in Nha Trang (Photo Collector)


Chùa Long Sơn nhìn từ tren cao

Viewing Long Son Pagoda from above (Photo Collector)

tháp bàPonagar Tower – The convergence of traditional values of the Viet-Cham cultural exchange (Photo Collector)


8. It s a lively town with traditional Cham festivals and dances, fun night life and water sports (kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, squid fishing…).


vinpearl land

Recreation area Vinpearl land premium (Photo Collector)


9. It gathers a huge choice of accommodation from budget hotels to top smart international luxury hotels and resorts.

suối khoáng nóng

 Hot spring resorts I-Resort (Photo Collector)


10. Nha Trang inhabitants are warm, friendly and hospitable.

con người thân thiện

 Friendly Nha Trang people are the plus point for this tourist city (Photo Collector)


If you travel to Nha Trang in the first time, you should not be too anxious, with friendliness, enthusiasm and love guests. It would be very easy for you to ask for directions as well as famous landmarks, the transportation or finding good and cheap restaurants.

Hopefully with our sharing above, you will have the right decision when you choose Nha Trang as a destination for your spring trip with your friends and relatives during the upcoming Lunar New Year.